The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

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  • Was the chocolate good?

    Antonio VenegasAntonio Venegas32 sekunder sedan
  • It's slightly smaller on the edges. It's just an illusion.

    Science OnlyScience OnlyTimme sedan
  • The rectangle you made is smaller now obviously

    Mawo DufferMawo Duffer2 timmar sedan
  • The way it’s arranged is the real reason. Also you didn’t make that Edit: I am referring to the standard infinite chocolate bar not that bs. Look at the edges

    Nateman1000Nateman10002 timmar sedan
  • People really telling Chris Ramsay how the chocolate trick works. This dude's a magician and a professional puzzle solver, he already knows

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa4 timmar sedan
  • What can I say bro ur a god

    SikkdawggSikkdawgg4 timmar sedan
  • That doesn't fit perfectly.

    Abubakkar SiddikAbubakkar Siddik5 timmar sedan
  • Me who has seen Vsauce's entire channel videos: Wait that Banach-Tarski Paradox.

    Master DementerMaster Dementer6 timmar sedan
  • Nah it shrunk, it's just a small amount evenly spread around the whole bar so you really can't notice. Trace the original bar on paper and do it again, you'll see. ;)

    TokcnyeckoTokcnyecko6 timmar sedan
    • I see how you hid that piece off to the side

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa4 timmar sedan
  • The bevel around the edge. Problem solved

    Ryan MilwayRyan Milway6 timmar sedan
  • 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Leah SoucyLeah Soucy7 timmar sedan
  • You can’t create matter or remove it, period

    ShinyBrainShinyBrain7 timmar sedan
  • Moves the wrapper at the beginning

    Lukas T TschannenLukas T Tschannen8 timmar sedan
  • Give two pieces to a pair of siblings and watch the confusion as one thinks the other has more

    Jordan van der KeylJordan van der Keyl8 timmar sedan
  • How does fit and how is it magic chocolate

    Aaliyah Alanah VillanuevaAaliyah Alanah Villanueva8 timmar sedan
  • You can do that with any chocolate bar

    Trenton145Trenton1458 timmar sedan
  • damn i remember our teacher showing us this 20 years ago, remember when not everything had to be recorded to tryn go viral haha

    joey_stoneyjoey_stoney9 timmar sedan
  • You just put the chocolates back in wrong

    LandonLandon9 timmar sedan
  • It's more like you are moving around the chocolate back into a rectangle shape but with less chocolate than before. All it is is a mind trick

    Lily WintherLily Winther10 timmar sedan
  • It's cause the box is slightly bigger than the golden thing that wrapped the chocolate

    AaronLycan UltimaWerewolfAaronLycan UltimaWerewolf10 timmar sedan
  • Matter cant be created nor destroyed

    LatiosLatios10 timmar sedan
  • Me who realise how is the trick work 🗿🗿🗿

    Nawfal AslamNawfal Aslam11 timmar sedan
  • I see how you hid that piece off to the side

    Charlie MercadoCharlie Mercado11 timmar sedan
  • Ok, but like- Does it taste good?

    Arctic IceWolfArctic IceWolf11 timmar sedan
  • Its because the box that says cjocolate is smaller

    DavidplaysBMGDavidplaysBMG11 timmar sedan
  • For those that don’t know, he actually created chocolate out of nothing, no tricks. He is a wizard.

    Tebocra •Tebocra •11 timmar sedan
  • Who cares, just eat it.

    Kevin MKevin M11 timmar sedan
  • It’s called MATH

    Dumb AssDumb Ass12 timmar sedan
  • It’s called geometry chris

    Nebiyu BekeleNebiyu Bekele13 timmar sedan
  • Hey this one was cool, now that tiktokers have gone i'm okay with these ones

    clodomir chibreluisantclodomir chibreluisant13 timmar sedan
  • Ehm it says Bonus…. Edit: it was meant to say Bonus because you were supposed to put it in that order it tells you on the back of the box

    JàyLi0Zz- TtvJàyLi0Zz- Ttv13 timmar sedan
  • "I bought some magical chocolate bar" Me: wut, what's good with u bro?

    Xtreme DangerXtreme Danger13 timmar sedan
  • Imagine paying more (probably) to get this 'magic' chocolate bar only to find out that you didn't get any bonus chocolate 😔🤚🏻

    Linuxx _Linuxx _13 timmar sedan
  • What?!

    ₮st*rry cake₮st*rry cake13 timmar sedan
  • Ez it got smaller

    Diet MilkDiet Milk14 timmar sedan
  • Sir theirs a thin long gap in your chocolate and a gap surronding which, if accounted for, will actually be the equal size of the "bonus" chocolate meaning no it does not fit perfectly.

    Hanna ProductionsHanna Productions14 timmar sedan
  • 'Hey, Vsauce, Michael here.'

    BrokenKrakenBrokenKraken14 timmar sedan
  • as you can see there's gaps on the chocolate the last piece can fit in there's if you shape shift it

    Redlighter4DRedlighter4D15 timmar sedan
  • Because the one leftover piece was force-fitted into the initial chocolate.

    The12erThe12er15 timmar sedan
  • Because it doesn't fit perfectly. How are you guys so amazed by this

    OsidarapOsidarap15 timmar sedan
  • My brain hurts

    john thomasjohn thomas16 timmar sedan
  • Just eat the last part x)

    RapidRapid16 timmar sedan
  • The small ones go ever the tops of others and in the second position it fits perfectly

    Legionaru EmanuelLegionaru Emanuel17 timmar sedan
  • Yeah how does this work? Maybe "lifehack" videos from 2010 can help us out....

    RiscsRiscs17 timmar sedan
  • It doesn't fit perfectly in there it jigils and joggles and there is a ton of space in between the pieces of chocolate

    FractalFractal18 timmar sedan
  • "it all fits in there quite nicely" that's what she said

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov18 timmar sedan
  • I just want to eat it, doesn't matter how much that confused me

    Franco VillaFranco Villa19 timmar sedan
  • The boxis smaller-

    • ItzEla •• ItzEla •19 timmar sedan
  • No

    TheCornflakecake BeeTheCornflakecake Bee19 timmar sedan
  • Maybe if you didn’t cut the clip, it would have been a bit more believable...

    Chicken BotChicken Bot20 timmar sedan
    • It's not fitting snug in there

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov18 timmar sedan
  • I think its about how you put it... (i think)

    jerson sabijonjerson sabijon21 timme sedan
  • It dont fit tho. It smaller.

    ShoggoShoggo21 timme sedan
  • Its just another way to be a perfect match

    Itz JihaaaItz Jihaaa21 timme sedan
  • Check their mass if it went lower then you did not *trollge*

    FooFooFooFoo22 timmar sedan
  • Geometry

  • Me who watched vsauces video about banach-tarski: oh yeah this is big brain time

    Mayodoesstuff -ω-Mayodoesstuff -ω-Dag sedan
  • It fits perfectly because shapes that are diffrant can fit with other shapes but not all.

    Lisa LaezzaLisa LaezzaDag sedan
  • the gaps lol

    Ember JenkinsEmber JenkinsDag sedan
  • This is the worst version of this trick I've seen so far

    CretterCretterDag sedan
  • Can anybody see to the left of the packet the "bonus" chocolate or just me

    。•♡Exotic Butters♡シ •。。•♡Exotic Butters♡シ •。Dag sedan
  • Wait you sound exactly like dreamm

    Priya MathurPriya MathurDag sedan
  • Duplicate glitch you scoundrels

  • it’s all about placing

    Kody MillerKody MillerDag sedan
  • It's not fitting snug in there

    Cole LaceyCole LaceyDag sedan
  • Yeah like it totally got broken “perfectly”, unnoticed, wrapped, packaged, then sent to you. Lmao give me a break

    Commander CodyCommander CodyDag sedan
  • Again why the 'dream' voice is coming to me

    Mind BlowingMind BlowingDag sedan
  • I need this

    Iris CalderonIris CalderonDag sedan
  • If I see this illusion brought up one more time I a liable to hit a elderly women with a bus

    Doctor_DiscoDoctor_DiscoDag sedan
  • Wtf how

    Fabian Rodriguez Jr:DFabian Rodriguez Jr:DDag sedan
  • Stfu

    Nour ZehnderNour ZehnderDag sedan

    Moritz LauferMoritz LauferDag sedan
  • 2 years old right here

    🥔Spuds🥔🥔Spuds🥔Dag sedan
  • I think everyone knows the science behind that now.

    Home PhoneHome PhoneDag sedan
  • It’s an illusion , you put the bag over the size of the booze to make it look as if it fits in there

    H KH KDag sedan
  • Shorter on the side

    Lex McKinnellLex McKinnellDag sedan
  • God have mercy on my stomach tonight

    The GamersThe GamersDag sedan
  • yo hold tf up

    ColdSteppa JayColdSteppa JayDag sedan
  • Bruh the other box is definetly smaller

    As2000 the stop motionerAs2000 the stop motionerDag sedan
  • This is a glitch =) It will be patched soon in the next update

    SiGmA_ ANDREISiGmA_ ANDREIDag sedan
  • Pog u see the missing space on the right

    Elvis SolombrinoElvis SolombrinoDag sedan
  • 3.99 shipping for one chocolate bar

    Jackson McKeenJackson McKeenDag sedan
  • I fucking hate this "trick" 😂

    Christina “MommaBird”Christina “MommaBird”Dag sedan
  • the package has 2 folding lines on the side as it gets smaller by a few cm. you can see it also that tuebchocolate bar does not fit 100% at the end as there is still space left and right.

    Shacky85Shacky85Dag sedan
  • Remember when VSauce did this 😭

    Henry DetweilerHenry DetweilerDag sedan
  • Can I have the chocolate 🤣🤣🤣

    melody dragon:)melody dragon:)Dag sedan
  • I hate 🍫

    101Sacrifices101SacrificesDag sedan
  • it got smaller

    I- FrostI- FrostDag sedan
  • Vsauce taught us past ur dirty tricks!!!

    OrphanOrphanDag sedan
  • This is easy!!

    Pebbles PebblesPebbles PebblesDag sedan
  • Everyone else: commenting about the math of it, how it works, yada yada yada Me: dang now I want chocolate-

    Cat Lover 101Cat Lover 101Dag sedan
  • I am man! I make chocolate

    2 Poofs and A PlayStation2 Poofs and A PlayStationDag sedan
  • How ?????? This guy is amazing I am subscribeing

    Toby BradburnToby BradburnDag sedan

    Ben Rowbottom (Skelletube5000)Ben Rowbottom (Skelletube5000)Dag sedan
  • i remember the logic behind this bc of a vsauce video. basically it’s shorter, just that the length distribution is resized into the small rectangle that’s left out. idk i’m doing a bad job at explaining obviously but the point is, this isn’t an infinite chocolate hack

    v nv nDag sedan
  • 550k people liked this? Pathetic

    Oogha BooghaOogha BooghaDag sedan
  • You should have focused on your maths class

    Oogha BooghaOogha BooghaDag sedan
  • Looks like someone took advantage of that "how to get infinite chocolate" video and made some vbucks

    PelufazPelufazDag sedan
  • "it all fits in there quite nicely" that's what she said

    CassieCassieDag sedan