The 3 Most SATISFYING Puzzles Ever!! 🤤

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  • hello, INTPs and ENTPs who want these

    ElfyElfy36 minuter sedan
  • buttplugs

    JC RosasJC Rosas49 minuter sedan
  • "No tears please, 'tis a waste of good suffering."

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuTimme sedan
  • My brain hurt 🤕

    ChamgwapitoChamgwapitoTimme sedan
  • How do we buy these ???

    QueenWeezy™QueenWeezy™Timme sedan
  • Ngl I thought they were somthing else at first

    Flippercomet 500Flippercomet 500Timme sedan
  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😳😳😳

    delabanda playzdelabanda playz2 timmar sedan
    • Where can I get the Heart Puzzle??

      bocoy noiubocoy noiuTimme sedan
  • مايزتلو؟🙏❤❤

    Selen FayezSelen Fayez2 timmar sedan
  • اتابعهملءبمبزليوبتبم

    Selen FayezSelen Fayez2 timmar sedan
  • where do I get the heart puzzle

    tneK1323 • 69 years agotneK1323 • 69 years ago2 timmar sedan
  • cursed butt plug

    Lane MattesonLane Matteson4 timmar sedan
  • First one looks like a butt plug

    Rocker77Rocker775 timmar sedan
  • I JUST thinked about asriel and Chara dreemurr's heart locket's at the last one

    im weird and i like red armyim weird and i like red army6 timmar sedan
  • I own two of them xd

    Alejandrobc 208Alejandrobc 2087 timmar sedan
  • Ughh

    BoboBobo7 timmar sedan
  • Please tell me where I can get the heart shaped one

    Ryan BurtonRyan Burton7 timmar sedan
  • The famous wet maker, when u give' em to your gf

    Leonardo N.R.Leonardo N.R.8 timmar sedan

    Reza ShirzadReza Shirzad8 timmar sedan
  • butt plug lol

    skidoodles Left oversskidoodles Left overs8 timmar sedan
  • I thought the 1st one was part of Yugi's Millennial puzzle for some reason lol

    Otaku GamerOtaku Gamer8 timmar sedan
  • Where can I get the Heart Puzzle??

    Mike GodlienMike Godlien8 timmar sedan
  • My brain hurts now

    Epic ZeusEpic Zeus8 timmar sedan
  • So satisfying you’re really awesome

    Aaliyah Alanah VillanuevaAaliyah Alanah Villanueva8 timmar sedan
  • Donde puedo conseguir todos esos , aquí en México ? .

    Luis Alberto Coronado BustosLuis Alberto Coronado Bustos8 timmar sedan
  • Me: has every single hanayama puzzle Also me: ikr dude

    LatiosLatios10 timmar sedan
  • Stupid af

    John NavarroJohn Navarro10 timmar sedan
  • I love the first and third puzzles but the second puzzle I feel like I would never be able to put it back together!

    Jacqueline ThompsonJacqueline Thompson11 timmar sedan
  • These are barely puzzles

    NickNick11 timmar sedan
  • Yeah nah I got anxiety watching this

    LA ChavezLA Chavez11 timmar sedan
  • New buttplugs who dis? 😂

    Kingz0e_Kingz0e_12 timmar sedan
  • Not really puzzles. More like fidget bits. Just something to twiddle your fingers on

    sharkbayer1sharkbayer112 timmar sedan
  • How the hell do you design these

    Norman JacksonNorman Jackson12 timmar sedan
  • OK where an I buy those??? I love em!!!!

    Vicki FrandsonVicki Frandson12 timmar sedan
  • What do you call the first puzzle? Looks so good i wanna buy one.

    ProjectSectionProjectSection13 timmar sedan
  • What is the name of the heart one

    Richard VazquezRichard Vazquez14 timmar sedan
  • them some plugs 😈

    KreegamKreegam15 timmar sedan
  • My friend had the second one, and I tried to solve it. I spent HOURS. I was so mad.

    Kitty Kit-Kat (Kitty)Kitty Kit-Kat (Kitty)15 timmar sedan
  • Where to buy

    Iram AmnaIram Amna15 timmar sedan
  • 0:40

    LautaroTheProLautaroThePro16 timmar sedan
  • This are satisfiying AF

    JA SIMJA SIM16 timmar sedan
  • Were do you get the last one the heart

    Trista RhoadsTrista Rhoads16 timmar sedan
  • If my Dad was still alive i think he'd like these as he was a banker from 73-98 when he lost his battle to Shy Draeger Syndrome a rare form of Parkinson's Disease

    Robert WolfeRobert Wolfe17 timmar sedan
  • Ok ngl first frame looks like d4 buttplugs

    NullNull19 timmar sedan
  • omg why they just don't make a millennium puzzle already 😫

    Jesus Hentai ChristJesus Hentai Christ19 timmar sedan
  • Thought it was butt plug

    a mofoa mofo19 timmar sedan
  • my brain hurts

    Daymin The GoatDaymin The Goat19 timmar sedan

    oneone20 timmar sedan
  • I really don’t want to line up a pair of butt plugs for the first one

    GD Don’tQuitGD Don’tQuit20 timmar sedan
  • Hanayama puzzles are indeed the best.

    Steven MoellerSteven Moeller20 timmar sedan
  • Dude you need to buy the millennium Puzzle xD

    Blake LarpenterBlake Larpenter20 timmar sedan
  • Can you put a link(

    Matt MuscatMatt Muscat21 timme sedan
  • what’s the first one

    Macro BasixMacro Basix21 timme sedan
  • Ngl I thought the first 2 were butt plugs

    Jimmy12gamerJimmy12gamer21 timme sedan
  • I thought was another thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂 An*l plug

    Ruy MoutaRuy Mouta22 timmar sedan
  • Im disliking just because he said like this video

    TheStreakTheStreak22 timmar sedan
  • Where to buy these puzzles?

    count on me101count on me10122 timmar sedan
  • So smooth

    Lulu RainLulu Rain22 timmar sedan
  • Somebody let me know how to order that first one 🤣

    Trap_Trap_23 timmar sedan
  • i thought the first “puzzle” were a pair of buttplugs

    Blue Wolf Blue Wolf 23 timmar sedan
  • “Most satisfying puzzles” Proceeds to show 2 but plugs

    Nathan PriceNathan Price23 timmar sedan
  • Imagine a buttplug puzzle

    YabitomYabitomDag sedan
  • Names of the puzzles tho?

    Esphyxia [Dubstep]Esphyxia [Dubstep]Dag sedan
  • The sphere one is gonna give me anxiety

    AkumazuAkumazuDag sedan
  • OMG!!

    Darkness to rebornDarkness to rebornDag sedan
  • I want the heart

    DARKASM The transgenderDARKASM The transgenderDag sedan
  • "No tears please, 'tis a waste of good suffering."

    A SandwichA SandwichDag sedan
  • Where can I get the heart puzzle?

    John DoeJohn DoeDag sedan
  • My brain.

    diabolicodiabolicoDag sedan
  • It looks like a butt plug

    Sgt HighwaySgt HighwayDag sedan
  • Name of the 1st puzzle

    Kloakzzy_Kloakzzy_Dag sedan
  • Solving the millennium puzzle be like

    Miraculous PuppyMiraculous PuppyDag sedan
  • Where can i buy them

    Pande KPPande KPDag sedan
  • Why did i tought they were b*tt blugs

    Iapara MaximIapara MaximDag sedan
  • Where to buy it

    Coretan KodeCoretan KodeDag sedan
  • I would like to purchase these please

    bl33m911 gaming (Zakie)bl33m911 gaming (Zakie)Dag sedan
  • Him and her butt plugs

    tracies19tracies19Dag sedan
  • “Once you line them up perfectly,” My nonexistent patience and my short attention span: *What.*

    { Floorbie }{ Floorbie }Dag sedan
  • To be honest I thought he was gonna say but plugs

    nuke worldnuke worldDag sedan
  • My brother keeps a lot of these on his bed, im so glad he challenges hinself so much!

    Catastrophic StupidityCatastrophic StupidityDag sedan
  • My brother keeps a lot of these on his bed, im so glad he challenges hinself so much!

    Catastrophic StupidityCatastrophic StupidityDag sedan
  • what is the name of these

    ItsMrRagerItsMrRagerDag sedan
  • I’d be the one who takes it apart but can’t put it back together

    Muheeb AyubyMuheeb AyubyDag sedan
  • Where can I buy?

    Scottish PrepperScottish PrepperDag sedan
  • Omg the second puzzle I’ve had for over a year and I never knew how to put it together and I threw away a box so I couldn’t search it up and it’s a bit to late I lost some of the pieces

    MarGamingMobileMarGamingMobileDag sedan
  • Satisfying

    WaingroWaingroDag sedan
  • those are some sharp-ass buttplugs

    AlainishAlainishDag sedan
  • Where do I find these puzzles?

    Autism AdventuresAutism AdventuresDag sedan
  • I thought he was gonna put the first one up his ass for a second

    augusto Machadoaugusto MachadoDag sedan
  • 🤤satisfaction

    Coco KittyCoco KittyDag sedan
  • What are these things called? What should i search to find this online?

    Shivprasad ChoudhuryShivprasad ChoudhuryDag sedan
  • I would have a headache if I play with these

    [Strawberry Milk14][Strawberry Milk14]Dag sedan
  • I could give that last puzzle to my gf and say “our love is like this puzzle as we fill the missing piece of our hearts.” ……if I had a gf😅

    AusTkillerAusTkillerDag sedan
  • Holy shit this is awesome

    VikBartVikBartDag sedan
  • "The test isnt that confusing" The test:

    StonkerStonkerDag sedan
  • The last one was beat

    XxSimplyAli_YTxXXxSimplyAli_YTxXDag sedan
  • Been watching your videos for years. Also a fellow MTG player. Haven't played professionally since the late 90s

    Charlie Swearingen IICharlie Swearingen IIDag sedan
  • this is so cool

    Seauak - Copter GamerSeauak - Copter GamerDag sedan
  • Where can we buy the 3rd one ?

    29 Shabaz Khan29 Shabaz KhanDag sedan
  • The heart one is like a puzzle version of the half heart thing.

    LilmanSlushLilmanSlushDag sedan